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Hey, I'm Josh I'm a Cancer with that Leo ascendant. I'm living in Seattle. I enjoy writing poetry and drawing. I'm very into Astrology if you couldn't tell. I'm new to Wicca but getting more consumed by it. Feeling vibes/energy's from crystals, is a like. I'm already pretty good at it, but improvement is nice. Favorite band would have to be Modest Mouse.
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Hey! I really want to read a new book, do you have any suggestions, favorite books? I need help please<3:(


Well that’s good, sorry if you sent a message way earlier. Tumblr didn’t tell me. And ummmmm, have you read Crank? its the first one out of like 5 or 6 but its really good :P


Miranda Lehman

The frog couple that lives in my garden ✌


Malefidead from the movie maleficent available for sale. L.acun@rocketmail.com 40x50cm I will put your band or brand name here if you wantcheck out my art. Instagram @blackdotx

Southern as Hell.