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Hey, I'm Josh I'm a Cancer with that Leo ascendant. I'm living in Seattle. I enjoy writing poetry and drawing. I'm very into Astrology if you couldn't tell. I'm new to Wicca but getting more consumed by it. Feeling vibes/energy's from crystals, is a like. I'm already pretty good at it, but improvement is nice. Favorite band would have to be Modest Mouse.
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Had a mega lazy bank holiday! Just watched Bronson, now watching Chopper! Photoshoot this week! Can’t wait!! :D #suicidegirls 💜!

Lady on bed - Tanya Jansen

1910-again: Otto Marseus van Schrieck, Snakes, Toads and Butterflies c.1639-1678

Title: Muscles and flesh you were, blood and leaves you will go back Dim: cm 130x100 Medium: oil and pencil on canvas Year: 2014 Titolo: Muscoli e carne eri, sangue e foglie ritorneraiDim: cm 130x100Tecnica: olio, matita su telaAnno: 2014

IMG_7859s by Mahin Fayaz on Flickr.

breakthrough (by ewitsoe)
Sasha has such a nice ass.

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